What does reliable carpet cleaning service involve?

Carpets are proven to be the magnets or the dirt and dust as they are made of woolen material. If you have kids and pets in your home, then need to clean the carpet becomes higher. Colored stains, pet fur and other related obvious things on carpets significantly show the poor carpet cleanliness and hygiene habits. In addition to this, dirty carpets can be a source of multiple allergens.

Vacuum cleaning:

Regular vacuum cleaning facilitates in keeping the carpet clean. But then again, it needs to be understood that professional cleaning is also a part and parcel to ensure the cleaning at its best. Being a resident of Hong Kong you must be aware of the fact that we all feel being amused having carpets at home and hence it is a must for all of us to hire the carpet cleaning service Hong Kong for the carpet cleaning purposes.  

The following paragraphs will talk about what a reliable carpet cleaner Hong Kong usually involves providing you checklist for your consideration


No doubt there are several ways of carpet cleaning however all of these begin with the vacuuming. This extracts the dust from your carpet or rug whatever you have to make the following method to be more effective. This method is usually termed as dry cleaning method.

Dry cleaning method:

This method involves using special cleaning powders. They have been designed in a way to attract the dirt as soon as these cleaning agents are applied. Once the powder is applied all over, the carpet or rug is thoroughly vacuumed.


It is the second method of carpet cleaning. Just like dry cleaning; shampooing is also a pretreatment. They usually spray a shampoo or a cleaning solution on the carpet. These solutions have been formulated with such cleaning agents that remove the stains and dirt from the carpet fibers. Also they constitute the brighteners and deodorizers to enhance the look as well as smell of the carpet or rug. Though it needs to be understood that shampooing does not perform a full job as some of the microbes and dirt particle remain behind.

Steam cleaning process:

It is a hot water extraction process. It is known to be one of the most effective among the carpet cleaning methods. The process makes use of the heavy duty equipment. The equipment injects the hot water along with the detergent in to the carpet or rug.

The dirt gets mixed with the chemicals and then it is extracted with the help of pressure machines. In case of steam cleaning, it is significant that moisture is properly removed. In case it is left behind it will lead to growth of mold. Molds not only ruin the carpets or rugs but it also causes odor and causes allergens to the inhabitants of the house.

Depending on the dirt level of the carpet, the professionals may also make use of the foam cleaning method which is combination of shampooing and dry cleaning.

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